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Halul United Offshore Services Company Ltd. ( HUOSC) is an offshore support services Saudi based company. There is an ever growing need for marine support services pertaining to offshore oil & gas exploration and the construction industries in Saudi Arabia. HUOSC is geared to fulfill challenges like providing vessels, diving services, construction services, maintenance of offshore installations and structures with innovation and alacrity.


Heerema Arabia Ltd. designs, constructs, transports, installs and removes offshore facilities for the global oil and gas industry.

Heerema Arabia Ltd. is implementing the newest technology in the offshore sector, which results the safest and the most efficient facilities.

As Saudi based company will always work on giving the priority to the local suppliers/manufacturers to be in the project procurement loop.

Doing part of the engineering locally enhances the local engineering base for this growing industry.


UBPC/Klinger are in the process of building a manufacturing facility under world leading name Klinger, where we can supply the market increasing demands of:

  • Spiral wound gaskets.
  • Metal ring joint gaskets.
  • Kamm profile gaskets.
  • Metal jacketed gaskets.
  • Asbestos-free soft cut gaskets.
  • Flange installation.

With high standards and proficiency, UBPC-KLINGER Gasket Factory aims to focus on the market needs with dedication, supported with the technical information and best quality materials that Klinger famous for.



FINDER POMPES is one of Europe’s leading Companies in the design and manufacture of engineered pumps for industrial applications.

FINDER designs the most suitable reciprocating pumps for critical high pressure installations

FINDER’s centrifugal pumps, plunger pumps, filters - are sold worldwide to the major engineering companies and to end users

After-Market product support include full range of spare-parts.


EBSRAY is today an acknowledged leader in the world's Pump Industry offering products of unparalleled quality, efficiency, innovation and reliability. Commencing business as a precision engineering company in the late 1920s (to be later called VR Ebsary & Co in 1932), in 1938 the company turned to pump design and manufacture. In 1947 the company name was changed to Ebsray Pumps Pty Ltd - to better reflect its core business activities.  Since that time, the commitment to the application, design, development, manufacture, and supply of specialist pumps has placed Ebsray in the Industries' front line.  


FORUM ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES  is a leading designer and manufacturer of surface production and process equipment that provides field services for the upstream market.

From simple storage tanks and separators at the wellhead to modular process plants and sophisticated control systems.

EDGE™ desalters and dehydrators AC-type electrostatic coalescing for the efficient removal of contaminants.

Forum also offers engineered equipment packages for metering and meter proving skids.

 Equipment designed and fabricated by Maintenance Mechanical is in use worldwide for offshore platforms, pipeline stations, loading and unloading terminal facilities, and refineries.              


ENVIRO-TECH SYSTEMS was established in 1997 to provide a missing link in the offshore oilfield, service after the sale. Field Service quickly became our primary operation in business. We began providing field service for major oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico and expanded in the international market within a few short years. Because our business was service this enabled us to become exposed to many of the major wastewater treatment problems associated with existing manufacturer’s equipment. It was during this period that we developed repair procedures along with design changes to existing manufacturer’s equipment. 


PIPELINE TECHNIQUE is a world leading provider of solutions to the oil and gas industry for the most demanding challenges in Welding, Non Destructive Examination and Field Joint Coating. Pipeline Technique excels in the field of fabrication and construction in any condition, including Deep and Ultra-deep waters, Landlines, Subsea Production Systems and Drilling products. We also specialize in value added products such as counter boring, pipe sorting, matching, research & development of processes.

Our combination of operational, engineering, project management, and hands-on experience is unrivalled, giving us a unique advantage. The ability to recognize key drivers and understand all technical and commercial issues allows us to offer a tailored service matching our clients’ needs.

 COUPLING CORPORATION OF AMERICA - USA  COUPLING CORPORATION OF AMERICA (CCA) has manufactured high performance flexible shaft couplings, rigid couplings and keyless hubs since 1968.  Our products are designed for rotating machinery, high speed equipment and other demanding applications.

We compete in a wide range of sizes, with speeds reaching up to 100,000 RPM, and shaft sizes ranging from 0.5 inch all the way up to 36 inches and beyond. Nuclear and fossil fuel power plants, petrochemical facilities, the military and large process plants, rely on us for custom engineered solutions to their unique coupling requirements. These include gas turbines, pumps, auxiliary drive turbines, feed rollers, compressors, marine applications, generators, motor drives, high misalignment areas and large thermal growth equipment.

  Our leadership position in the engineered coupling arena has been established by designing effective and maintenance-free solutions to complex coupling requirements that cannot be handled by ordinary OEM couplings or less innovative efforts.  We also have a full line of couplings that are a perfect fit for regular duty applications.