AmeGas overcomes differential-pressure difficulties with the help of ebsray pumps

The key to uninterrupted Autogas dispensing in warm summer months is utilizing a storage-tank pump that can create enough differential pressure between it and the vehicle's fuel tank. This is one of the many reasons why AmeGas S.p.A., an Italy-based subsidiary of Mexican energy giant Zetagas Group, has become the first fuel retailer in Italy to use the new Ebsray RC40 Series regerative turbine pump. 

AmeGas chose Ebsray RC40 Series pumps because they will easily, reliably and economically produce differential pressures up to 14 bar (200 psi). These pressures are more than enough to facilitate the fueling process and overcome the differential-pressure difficulties inherent in Italy's hot summers. In addition, the flow rate is also important to AmeGas because they hope to offer four Autogas-fueling positions at many of its sites and the high flow rates that are produced by RC40 Series pumps, 200 L/min (52.8 gpm), will make this possible.

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