customer recently came to us with a high-speed test stand application which runs at 75,000 RPM.   


They wanted to run the application with straight shafts instead of a flange or spline, which made it a perfect fit for the world-renowned Anderson Clamp Hub™. The hubs were specially designed to meet the customer's installation requirements. Each piece of the coupling was analyzed in finite element analysis (FEA) to determine possible failure modes and safety factors because of the high RPM's. One area of concern was that the heads of the bolts being used were too massive for the RPM and the centrifugal stresses would potentially cause a failure. To compensate for this, CCA replaced them with special titanium hardware to have the least amount of overhung mass. 
If you get into a jam on your next high-speed application, call the bullpen and let CCA come in and throw some fastballs! 



High Speed Coupling


Perfect for:

  • Test Stand Application
  • High-speed Application up 120,000
  • High Torque Custom Applications


  • Reduce Vibration
  • Thermal Growth
  • Extend Seal Life
  • Infinite Life